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"Ha ha! I told you I would be able to win _______!" Turkey bragged as he held a crying ______ under his arm.

France wiped his forehead. He didn't even try-- but Turkey didn't have to know that.

"Oui, Oui, I know. Ohhhh-- But please don't take poor _______! She is my little sister! Please…." 'Come On France! Keep pushing! She's a little brat and you don't want him to feel bad and give her back. Add the sugar!'

France slowly pulled himself off the ground (trying to be all dramatic) and quietly whimpered.  "Fine… you won her fair and square… go!"

Turkey flashed a toothy smile. "Very well! I won't see you anymore and neither will she!"  Turkey readjusted you under his arm and tossed you up a little, making you grab for anything to hold on to. You cried again.

"FWANCE! NO NO NO NO!" You grabbed toward him as Turkey turned around and started walking away. France felt a sharp ping in his heart as you started sobbing onto Turkey's nice silk clothes.

His mouth twisted into a small smile and he quietly said; "It's okay ______. It will be okay."

Maybe he didn't want to lose you after all.


"Listen you little annoying piece of land, you better eat! I made it, and tried especially hard to make it taste good and added a lot of spices!"

Turkey frowned at you over the table while you just sat with your hands over your chest. He was 6'2 and you were 2'. Why did he think it was a good idea to be all demeaning and overbear you with his height? It definitely didn't make you want to eat… just run away.

"You're just stoopid! Bwother Fwance loved me and you took me away fwam him!"

Turkey made a face.

Yeah. He really doubted that. France didn't even try to act like he cared and yeah, he was a bad fighter, but France didn't even try to TOUCH him with his sword.

"And by tha way. Fwance's food is a lot better than yours! He doesn't over pow-wa it with spices!" You made a fake disgusted face, because in reality, the food smelled really good.

Turkey looked offended.

"Well fine! If you're gonna stand up for someone who didn't even try to fight for you, that's fine by me! But you can stand up for him without any food!"

And with that he snatched the un-touched plate from in front of you and stormed away until he heard;

"He did fight for me!" Turkey turned his head.

"Really? Then why did his sword not even touch me?"

And with that he was gone.


You laid on the jail cell's bed with puffy eyes… but was it even considered it a jail cell?

It was filled with stuffed animals and the bed was draped with cloths and sheets. It was a bed made for royalty.

You grabbed a large pillow and squeezed the heck out of it, trying to release your anger in a healthy way.
But sadly, you released a squeak, and you continued to cry.

Why didn't France love you? You ate his food!... Well, everyone did... But you showed him the utmost respect! 
You did everything in your best mind to try to be his favorite, but maybe you just weren't good enough.

He did seem to talk about his younger brother who seemed to be doing well alone... What was it.... England? We're you not what France's expectations were raised too?

While you were questioning your past actions you heard a knock at your door.

"Miss _________? May I come in?"

You froze. You didn't want anyone to see you! You had been crying and even as a 'chibi'- you knew damn well not to have other people see you cry. So you quickly flattened the blanket to cover the bed and flattened your body under the blanket and against the bed-- that way you could look like a small ripple in the sheets. 

The door opened and you held your breath.

"Oh Miss ________. Where are you? Please do not hide.... I don't want to hurt you...."

It was a woman by the voice, and she definitely didn't have a Turkish accent. You heard her foot steps go around the room.

"Miss ______, I'll have you know that I used to take care of a little country and he would-" she pulled the sheets up, "-hide under the sheets when scared."

"Agh!" you rolled on your back- arms and legs  sprawled out like you were going to make a snow angel- and you stared at her.

She had light green eyes and sandy hair that was being held back by two pink flowers. 

You had to admit she was pretty. 

"Come Miss __________, I need you to come talk to Mr. Turkey about territory issues." she lightly grabbed your right hand and pulled but you struggled.

"Ah-- no. He's a jerk."

She rolled her eyes which surprised you by the fact that a servant would show attitude... But you definitely weren't think you were above her or anything....

"Igen (yes), I know that- but he really isn't too happy with your little tantrum in the dining hall, so he's expecting you soon. And as I mean soon- I mean now!"

And with the quickness of a snake she picked you up and held you to her chest-- which you started to push against quickly. 


That's when she pulled you away at arms length.

"What? Where are you getting these accusations from? You've only met me and him for 5 minutes and you make it sound like he beats me!"

You pouted at the face she was giving you. It was almost poor horror- until it cracked into a small smirk.

"You miss France?"

"Fwance? No! He's a jerk too."

"I can totally agree with you on that." she rolled her eyes again, still smiling.
OK, her hands under your arms were really starting to ache. Luckily she set you down.

"Look _______, Mr. Turkey is not all what he seems. He's very soft but with a tough shell... almost like an almond..." she turned a little pink and touched her fingers to her lips as she looked up at the ceiling, obviously thinking. "He's tan like one too...." and she giggled. 

You stared at her in total shock and horror before blurting out: "DO YOU LIKE HIM?!?"


Oh look. It was Turkey.

Hungary stiffened at his yell and quickly pushed you toward him. 
"Just uh--- had a little difficulty Mr. Turkey..."

Turkey's eyebrows almost touched, "Well, it took longer than needed.... Next time just pick her up."

That's when you had to step in.
"I had to take a piss! That's why it took so long!"

Now it was Turkey's turn to glare at you behind his mask.

"The bathroom is outside...."

"Not any mowe."

Turkey's face was priceless. A normal scowl turned into a disgusted scowl that had a half open frowning mouth.

Turkey turned to Hungary. "Clean it UP."
And with that he roughly grabbed your hand and pulled you down to his study- but not so quick enough before Hungary gave you a small grateful smile.


Turkey drummed his fingers on the short legged table while staring at the map.

"Why the hell are you all over the place?"

Parts of you were next to Italy, then mostly near France, then at the bottom part of Spain.

"Not my fawlt." You shrugged. 

Turkey let out a aggravated sigh and ran his gloved fingers over the empty space between his eyebrows.

"Well get over here and map out all parts of you." he pulled your pillow (which you were currently sitting on) next to him.

You tried to read the map, your torso just wasn't large enough to see over the table.

"I can't see."

"Oh for the love of--"

He pick you up from under your arms and placed you right in his lap. You squirmed under his grip, but he was definitely not letting you go.

"UGH. I wont leave!" you growled at him and he let go.
You shifted between his legs before finding a comfortable spot. You pulled the map toward you. 


Turkey handed you the pen that was requested.

You shaded in the part of you on the map. Man, you WERE really all over the place!

"Thewre! Done!"
You crossed your arms over your chest and huffed proudly. You leaned your back against his chest so you could take a better look at your 'master piece.'

He squirmed a little under your sudden relaxed touch, but he soon retaliated when he leaned forward and his head hovered over yours to see the map.

"Hmm... OK then." You looked up to see a goatee almost touching your nose. He actually smelled pretty decent... better than you thought he would. You could tell he had a small smile on his lips.
He leaned back and lifted you off his lap. He ruffled your air lightly before lightly stroking it back into place.

"You'll like it here... You can trust me." he showed a few pearly whites.

You only nodded to him. 

Though you couldn't tell what emotion his eyes were expressing because of his mask, you could only fantasize about what color they really were.

Blue like France's?
Green like Hungary's?

No matter what color they were, part of you wanted to find out on your own....

No matter how long it took.
* lays down and curls up in ball because cant write Chibi! reader inserts *

I can only write ROMANCE.


THE LONG AWAITED SEQUEL: Hungary turkey hetalia axis powers x turkey Chibi! Chibi!Reader world series reader insert Sadik inserts request


Requested by: :iconallmurdrsluvjam: ~Allmurdrsluvjam
Request: Chibi!Reader x Turkey


Fun Facts:
- Hungary was owned by Turkey from 1541 to 1699. So let's say this happened in 1622.(?)
- Turkey grows their own almonds, so yes, they knew what almonds were back then


No, I don't support Turkey x Hungary. Sorry. She's just a perv and you CAN'T tell me she wouldn't think about things like that.

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