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Writer's Note: GO TO DESCRIPTION BEFORE READING. It is nothing big, but it has something extra for you.


Your heels clicked on the sidewalk by the dark roads of Southern Italy.

You sighed. 'I love this country... but I hate how its so creepy at night.' You clutched your purse and picked up your pace to get to your newly bought two story home. Then you heard what sounded like metal falling to the ground behind you.

Your eyes shifted about-your head still facing forward- and you noticed all the shops were closed and no people were on the sidewalks.. or road.

'Okay... this is getting bad...!' You screamed in your head, walking even faster.... until you ran into something and fell on your butt. It was like a brick wall.. but softer.

You then looked up and all your suspicions were true.

It was the mafia.. and you had just ran into the leader. How could you tell? His fedora and black suit with red tie gave it away, since all of his men were wearing black ties.
His hat shadowed most of his face, except for a random hair curl and green eyes that reflected the light from the street lights.

Your breath then escaped your mouth when you felt large rough hands grab your neck and pull you up where you feet barley touched the ground. Your hands wrapped around the man's and tried to gasp for air.

"Hey! You ran into our boss!" His voice was rusty and deep... and scared your so much. "Why don't you say 'SORRY?' HMM?"

"I...I'm.. *gasp* S-Sooo s-sarrr...reee." You couldn't even get the whole word out, he was crushing your neck so hard. Your eyes shifted to the "Boss." His green eyes glared at you. He wasn't going to make his man back off was he? Your vision started to turn to black, until everything turned white. You looked up. You were on the ground hands wrapped around your neck comforting it. Your glance went back to the Italian leader. His hand was on the larger's man shoulder, a signal apparently telling him to let you go.

"Th-thanks..." you whispered. Apparently, that wasn't what the leader wanted to hear... he probably didn't want you to talk at all. You felt yourself be picked up again but this time by the leader.

His voice was smooth and sweet but stern like chocolate. A smile creeped across his face and you got a full glance at his surprisingly attractive young face. "You better be... but you wont be thankful later."


Your head throbbed. He had threw you on the sidewalk, head first, knocking you out. You were now bonded with chains to a wooden chair, and had been for the past 2 days. They gave you bathroom breaks, but no food.

Your hair was pulled in a bun, to show your face, since that was the way the Boss "liked it." He had been watching over you and making sure you didn't pass out, and when you did, you got a slap to the face or a bullet shot next to your head- which was making your left ear quite deaf.

Your head calmed down and you started to take a notice to your surroundings. Just a plain metal room, only with you and a chair inside. A glass window to the right corner in front of you was the sitting place for your watchers... or watcher... who ever the Boss said whose shift it was.

Your dress was tattered. One of the spaghetti-straps were ripped off, the fabric had a cut on the right that went up to your thigh. The end of the dress was a little frayed, and your heels were gone.

They hadnt touched you, just grabbed your boobs a bit-(which you kicked and 'hit' and thats why your legs were now tied to the chair legs)-until the Boss had figured out and stopped them in time before that did anything else.

But now you were sitting alone, trying to keep your tired head from drooping down and smacked again.

*click click*

You looked up to see the leader with a chair in hand a basket covered in a blanket, and he locked the only exit behind him.

He sat the chair 5 feet infront of you, got behind your chair... and untied you!

You used all your energy to jump away from him, but only to be so tired to fall to the ground on your knees and hands. You felt arms pull you up and sit you back in the chair.

Your face turned to the man in horror and confusion, but only to see a face of calmness... and a little aggravation.

"Calm down." there was that smooth voice. "I'm not going to touch you. Calm down and sit."
He motioned you to sit as he sat down in the chair he brought in.

"W-Where is everyone? The guard who usually watches me?" Your voice sounded so different.. you only hadn't heard it 2 days... was it that sounded dry from lack of water?

"I asked them to leave."


"BECAUSE." he growled lowly. You got quiet, he apparently wasn't used to being asked questions.... well he was "The Boss."

He picked up the basket and sat it in his lap. He removed the blanket covering it and revealed bottled water and tomatoes.

He handed you a water and one tomato, taking one of each also for himself.

You sat there in awe do to the fact he was so relaxed and he just slowly crossed his legs, leaned back in his chair and ate his tomato like an apple.

"You can eat." he pointed to your tomato.

"Oh... thank you." and you took a bite. It was one of the ripest tomatoes you have ever eaten... but maybe that was the hunger talking.

"So whats your name?" He asked. His voice surprised you since your mind was locked into confusion by what was all happening.

"Oh... uh... ______."

"Dont stutter. I cant hear you." There was that sternness in his voice again.

"Ah! __-_______! ______ _______!"

"_______ huh? .... thats a nice name. I'm Romano, go ahead an call me that. You are not my worker, so you are not alowed to call me 'Boss.' Understadnd." and he took another bite of his tomato. You were surprised. This guy treats you like crap for 2 days, then all of a sudden feels like making everyone leave, feeds you... and then tell you to call him by his first name!?? Maybe he didn't want to show his subordinates that he was a softy for girls... which you didn't know, but secretly he was very awkward with them. So, he tried to make a conversation. "Got any brother and sisters?"

"...No sir. I am an only child."

"Ha. Lucky. I have two brothers... my older one lives in Spain. He grew these tomatoes by himself and ships them to me."

"Well they are good...." You made a faint smile. "He is a very skilled farmer."

Romano looked content at your answer and smiled to his tomato.

"Thank you. I don't tell him that... but I think he knows I think so." he then got quiet.

"What about your other brother?" You were very blunt since he just stopped talking.

Romano looked at his tomato again, and bluntly responded back: "He's my twin. Veneziano is the name. He's the leader of the Northern Italian Mafia... and works with this bastard of an German." he growled at the last sentence. Your back went straight. You didn't want to ask... but you had to.

"Do you fight alot?"

He looked up from his tomato and put a scowl on his face. "What DO YOU think? Two mafias NEVER GET ALONG." You jumped at the tone and loudness of his voice.

"I-I'm sorry! I... what about your other one?"

Romano's face softened a little when you brought up his other brother. "His names Antonio. Not 'Other One.' But you didnt know, so its not your fault." He leaned back in his chair and took a new tomato. "He's not in the mafia. He was the good child and still is. as Children Veneziano was the best one of us all.... but I think I influenced him." Romano sighed and took a fresh bite.

You had eaten just one of the tomatos and wasn't very hungry anymore. You seemed comforted by Romano- even though he was a dick and shot bullets by your ear... but his stories reminded you of your child hood.

"I lied." you whispered. 'I don't have anything to hide from him, so why not tell him about my past.'

Romano looked up at you in confusion and saw that your head was hung down.

"I have a sibling... his name is Francis."

Romano tried to not squirm. He hated the name.

"He was my brother…Francis… but he ran away to France to get away from my parents, and I ran away to Southern Italy."

Romano squirmed again. He hated the country also. You noticed his squirming and got alittle offended.

"What? You dont want to hear my story?"

"Huh?! Ah! No... Sorry!" you noticed his cheeks got alittle pink. "I just get alittle.. antsy when I hear the country France or England brought up... and I'm not a fan of the name Francis either."
He kinda spat the name, but you didn't mind. The fact that Romano could bring hatred to something small like that made you chuckle- which made Romano's cheeks redder.

"Wow... you too are opposites. Francis loves the country Italy... and he's dating an English girl right now."


After the two of you finish the tomatoes, you sat there in silence while Romano looked like was trying to concentrate really hard and trying to think of something. His eyebrows then scrunched up, he mumbled some words and he sighed.

He stood up, grabbed your hand and with just a movement of his hand, the only exit was opened and he was bringing you outside.

"Wh-What are you doing!?" you tried to squirm out of his grip.

"Shut up! I'm taking you home!" and that got you quiet.

'What? Why is bringing me home?! I thought he was going to use me as ransom money!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS DUDE?!'

Romano then led you out of building where it was night time. Goodness... your time was so messed up you couldn't even think straight. You thought it was morning... when it probally was 2 am... but you couldn't think of that right now! Romano was taking you home!

You then were brought to a large black van, which was Romano's most likely. He then shoved you in the back seat and slammed the door. When he sat down in the driver's seat he turned around and warned you.

"Stay under that blanket at all times until I say, okay? Get under it and hide underneath the seat spaces" he pointed to large blanket that was crumpled next to you.

"Alright... but what if someone figures out while were gone-"

"Remember? I made them all leave, just for this moment. Also I am their boss, they wouldn't survive without me. They also cant do anything unless they really want to mess with the Northern Mafia... brothers help brothers secretly." and you could tell Romano was smiling to himself just for comfort, when in reality, he probably knew, he would be shot by his own men.   "So where do you live?"


He brought you up to the second story entrance of your house. You picked up the key from on the top of the door frame and looked back at Romano whose face was shined down on from the moonlight and you could tell his cheeks were flush. But before you could run into you house you felt your hand being grabbed, and Italian lips hitting the back of your hand. Romano then looked up at you.

"I am so sorry for the trouble we caused you. Please, I'm sorry if I hurt you.. a wonderful girl like you." Romano bowed like royalty and left down the stairs.


You walked inside your pitch black home, and of course, your attention was brought to the flashing light emitting from your phone in the back corner of the living room. You fumbled your way thought the room and got to the table your phone was on

CHARGE. CHARGE. CHARGE. is what read on your phone's screen. But you still continued to do what you were going to do.

*Bring Bring Bring. Bring Bring Bring. Bring Bring Br-* "Hello?"

"Hey mom."

"_______! Goodness! You know what time it's here!? It's 9 am on a SATURDAY. You know how I like my sleep on weekends.... sigh... but what do you need dear?"

"Just saying hi..." You couldn't tell her. You grip around the phone tightened.

"You haven't called in a few days. I was wondering when you would." You closed your eyes and felt a knot in your throat. "Your a child! The age of 23 and you live in Italy. I worry that you're going to get stolen or something! Is the mafia still around? ......_______.... Are you crying?"

"N-No mom. Sorry, It's getting late got to go." and you hung up sobbing in the darkness.


A Year Passed.


It had been exactly a year. You still lived in the same house, same town, same country... and today was the day, that you returned from the grips of the Mafia. You got up and dressed like any normal day, for it was just a normal day. To your family.

You walked outside and looked at the time. 1 pm. And you went to the open market where you first ran into the mafia-except it was day time now.

You walked down the side walk and passed all the stands you were so familiar with. You then passed a certain shop, the shop you were taken infront of. The one with all the donuts.

You swallowed hard and kept walking until you ran into someone.

"Goodness! Gah! I am so sorr-" and you stopped.

The green eyes stared down at you. He had dark hair and one curl. He was wearing the latest Italian fashion and a man about the same age that looked like him except with lighter hair wore the clothes line.

The younger man chirped. "Romano! You ran into this pretty lady!"
If you came to description from the start of the story this is what I wanted you to come here for:

Music that is good to listen to while your reading:
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1. [link]
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3. [link] (Skip to 0:19 for the singing, its a good ending song to the story)

:iconyoumadbroplz: that I wasted your time? :trollface:


I am so sorry its so long! D':

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:HOLY! OMG THIS IS MY FAVORITE STORY! Maybe because its not all fluffy...:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:
:bulletred: Request from: :iconkemonekko123: ~kemonekko123

:bulletred: Prompt: Mafia!Romano x Reader


SO SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG! Ugh. just I need to go work on everything else now.

Hope you guys enjoyed it! And especially you ~kemonekko123!!

Lol I'm listening to number 3 of my recommend songs while I'm typing this. xD

God I'm such a loser...
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