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Submitted on
September 19, 2011
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His arms wrapped around your waist.
His head was resting on your pant line, which was actually a skirt.

"Get off." you say as you push France's shoulders down to get him off and away from your... you know... but he was too strong. (For once)

"Well excuse eh moi, you never spend time with me! So the only way was to sneak under your desk and hug you!" France whimpered as he looked up at you with puppy eyes.
"Your a tracas*." You growled to him blushing alittle at his cute face.

"MON AMOUR*! You spoke French! Even if it was an insult!" His flace gleamed with pride.
*My love!

You pushed back your chair to make France fall face first on the ground. It worked.
As France looked up to make a hurt face, it turned in a Cheshire smile.
"White again, Amour?*
You kicked him in his face.


Today you were walking out of your house when a blonde-headed French man popped out from
behind a bush infront of your house.

"FINALEMENT*!" France laughed as he sprinted toward you.

You were about to go back in your house when all of a sudden you were slammed back
against the front door.

"Amour*! I waited all morning for you to come out! I missed you!" France made his famous
teary eyes.

You blushed at the creepy but kinda sweet gesture when...

"FRANCE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? You better not be bothering ________!!" Said a familiar English accent.

"Oh England!" You sigh contently, France looked at you with shocked eyes. "Thank god your here! Lets go eat some English cuisine and get away from France!"

"Uh... okay?" he blushed alittle at the request that someone actually wanted to EAT his food. "But I was just coming---"

"Lets talk it over FOOD!" You laugh unconfortably as the French man behind you was getting steamed.


You had just came home from the actually okay dinner with England.
You laid down on the couch to let the food "set" when you heard...
*My love half!  (Like as: You are my other half. Your my love half)

You looked up to see France standing in your hallway. You were about to yell at him for
sneeking in your house, but decided against it when you saw his face RED.
You couldnt tell if he was blushing or just plain PISSED.

"France... h-hi..." You whispered as you hid behing the couch backing.

"How could you choose him over Moi!?" he growled as he got closer to the couch.

"Uh--France, sometimes you come on alittle solide*." You knew that speaking French might
calm him down.

He finally reached the right side of the couch. He looked so hurt.
Your face went numb. His face was just...

"I'm sorry, you know I am... but you just...."

"A POIL!" France responded.
*Strip! (As in NO CLOTHES~)

"W-what?" Your face turned red.
"A POIL! STRIP! If your REALLY sorry, A POIL!"

The next thing you knew, you were lying on the couch, France atop.

"France--!! What--" you were cut off as he kissed you as hard as he could.

"Shoosh, let moi faire le parler*."
        *-me do the talking"

Well... it always was kinda hot when he spoke French to you....
I wrote this a moth ago... omg.

I dont know if i should but a warning, but i dont think its bad exept for a bad word.

(c) I dont own France OR YOU! :D


And just incase you dont know.. hes speaking French (Hope its right, I had to use a dictionary)

And is it bad that when you wrote this at your Grandparents house a month ago-that when you turned your head toward the bookshelf you saw a French/English Dictionary?

I thought so and so I learned allllllll these words... :iconpervyfranceplz:

-----EDIT------ I added a sentence because it didnt make sense with out it...
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Zazzyleey Featured By Owner May 13, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
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Well why not ^^
After all....

I'll do Anything for Francey-pants~
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yes, yes it was...
Marigold451 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
love france! :heart:
GMD-girl93 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012
Okay between this and the 'lesson' ones I read it reall inspired me to write one of my own about France & my Ireland OC lol..I will post it soon; and in the description mention this one..and the lesson one..he he..<3 :francelovepls:
ImMixyAndImBlue Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012
Aw, well I'm glad! I would be willing to read it, so you should message me when you finish it! and glad you liked it!
GMD-girl93 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012

I hope you enjoy it <3
InvaderPumpkinQueen Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2012  Hobbyist
Francis. :heart:
Deaththe-Kid-Fangirl Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I like English food though. Who should I apologize to on my mother's behalf.

France I'm American so is my mom sorry but she thought scones were from France. Yah I know right.
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